Clear Ultimate Baby Gate - 2 x 20cm (8") Extensions Included

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Guaranteed Child Safe By ASTM Standards

Safe and in view

Prevent your child from accessing certain areas without blocking line of sight of them. Childproof your home with the Perma Child Safety™ Clear Ultimate Safety Gate. The Clear Ultimate Safety Gate measures 44.5" - 48" wide by 30" tall with an easy to see, red/green locking indicator.

See Through Panel:  Not only does the ultra clear acrylic gate panel complement and blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, it also lets you keep your eye on your child unobstructed.

Safe Step Bottom Bar: The gate's frame features a Safe Step bottom bar which has been reduced by 75% compared to that of our competitor's gates. We have decreased the risk of it being a tripping hazard, by making it as flush with the floor as possible.

Auto Close Feature: Never have to worry about leaving the baby gate open behind you again. This gate locks itself when not left open at a 90 degree angle.

2-way Directional Control: This gate has multiple options for movement which include opening in either direction or in just one direction. In some situations such as in proximity to stairs, it's best to have a baby gate set for one way opening. Our gate does both.

Sturdy Metal Frame:  This gate is made from steel not plastic, meaning it does not warp or bend from prolonged use. Perfect for high traffic hallway locations, this steel baby gate is built to last.

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2 x 8" Extensions included.




Clear Ultimate Safety Gate



Mounting Type

Pressure Mounted

Minimum Opening


Maximum Opening





One-Handed Operation, Auto Close, Stay Open, Swing Direction Control, Safe Step, Pet Suitable

Parts Included

Gate Assembly, Instruction Manual, Adjuster Bolts (4), Adjuster Screws (4), Mounting Cups (4), Adhesive Pads (4), Lower Catch, Swing Direction Control (Pre-Installed), Screws (4), 8" Extension (2)


Steel, Acrylic, ABS

Care Instructions

Use soft damp cloth to wipe any scuffs or marks, dry after cleaning. Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners.



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