Pop Up Fabric Playpen & Play Yard

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2 Year Extended Warranty
Guaranteed Child Safe By European Standards

A safe place to play, almost instantly.

Quickly make anywhere child safe, with this Pop Up Fabric Playpen & Play Yard measuring 55 inches Wide and 27 inches Tall. Suitable for infants 6 months to 2 years as well as small dogs.

Super Portable: Having the ability to collapse the playpen when not needed, means  this playpen is compact enough for those on the go with an infant. Giving you the option of quickly making anywhere child safe.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Because of the durable materials used in its construction, this playpen can be used inside and outside of the home.

Water Resistant Fabric: The fabric used in this playpen is water resistant, meaning it's perfect for when there is a spill or if it accidentally gets hit by the garden hose. 

Perma Technology: Our market leading child safety technology is constantly being tested and reiterated upon. This ensures you are only using the very best products for the care of your precious little ones.




Pop Up Fabric Playpen & Play Yard



Mounting Type

Free Standing






Quick & Easy Set Up, Portable, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Water Resistant Fabric, Pet Suitable

Parts Included

Instruction Manual, Playpen, Carry Bag

Care Instructions

Use soft damp cloth to wipe any scuffs or marks, dry after cleaning. Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners.