78.7" x 47" Nursery Blackout Kit

SKU: 3104

Rest Peacefully

Help your baby sleep the natural way. A darker room means less disruptive stimulation for your child; maintain the light level of the room and help to promote a more stable sleeping pattern. Use 16 ft by 0.4" roll of Nursery Blockout Magnetic Tape with 3.9 x 6.5 ft Nursery Blockout Material to create a kit suitable for windows up to 78.7" x 47". 

100% Blackout: Our specialised blackout material is made to block all UV & IR Light.

Rental Safe: Our Magnetic Tape is easily removable and will leave no marks to your window frame.

Easy DIY Install: Following our simple three step guide, you will be able set up this Nursery Kit in only 5 minutes of assembly.

Perma Technology: Our market leading child safety technology is constantly being tested and reiterated upon. This ensures you are only using the very best products for the care of your precious little ones.