9" Adhesive Universal Flexi Locks - 4 Pack

SKU: 2785

Keep them safe. Lock it.

Available in a pack of 4 adhesive flexible latches, 9" strap length. Quick and easy installation, no tools required. Unrivalled 100% synthetic rubber-based adhesive, keeping your appliances, cabinets and drawers reliably safeguarded.

Great Value: Perma Adhesive Universal Flexi Locks are a cost effective way of childproofing your home on a budget.

Enhanced Stability: With trouble-free application, Perma Adhesive Universal Flexi Locks adhere to surfaces such as coated timber, metal, tile, painted drywall, glass and more anywhere around your home or office.

Reliable Durability: Get strong hold with the synthetic rubber-based adhesive for a remarkably strong hold, while saving your walls from screws, glues and nails.

Perma Technology: Our market leading child safety technology is constantly being tested and reiterated upon. This ensures you are only using the very best products for the care of your precious little ones.