Stud Finder

SKU: 2003

Mount It Safe

Not sure where on your wall is safe to drill? Alleviate your worry with a stud finder that'll easily find the stud you're looking to drill into. Works great at finding metal and wood studs. It is a great tool to help you install hardware mounted Perma Child Safety gates.

LED and Sound Indicators: Easily to understand indicators mean you'll be finding studs in your wall in no time

Perma Technology: Our market leading child safety technology is constantly being tested and reiterated upon. This ensures you are only using the very best products for the care of your precious little ones.



  1. Position Stud Finder flat against wall and press and hold on/off button to calibrate, LED will flash red and sound a short beep. 
  1. While holding button down, slowly slide Stud Finder across wall. Yellow LED’s will light up when in proximity to a wall stud.
  1. When the top LED lights up red and a beep sounds, you have located the edge of the stud, mark this spot.
  1. Continue scanning across the wall until the Yellow LED’s go out, slide device is reverse direction to locate other edge of the stud, mark this spot.
  1. Between the two marks is the centre of the wall stud.


Requires 9 Volt Battery *not included

Battery life is approximately 50 hours