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Our Top 5 Baby Products of 2021

Our Top 5 Baby Products of 2021

Our Top 5 Baby Products of 2021

1. White Noise Sleep Soothers

White noise products use an ancient, doctor-tested and approved rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy little one into a calming sleep. Even for easy babies, white noise can make a good sleep even better as they begin to associate the sounds of the white noise with the pleasure of sleep. Many white noise products operate within the recommended sound levels specifically to protect baby's delicate ears.

2. Retractable Baby Gate

Built for functionality, the Retractable Child Safety Gate is a multi-purpose product that can be used as both an infant gate and a pet gate to keep mischief contained. A new mesh design is a more modern alternative to the traditional hardware or pressure mounted child safety gates you’re used to. Made with a durable UV and claw resistant mesh that easily retracts away and only requires one hand to operate the mechanism, this retractable baby gate ensures a safe, closed off environment for your baby, or fur baby, to play.

Our Retractable Baby Gates are:
• UV resistant mesh
• Extends up to 140cm, 84cm tall
• Complies with safety standard ASTM F1004-10
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Suitable for pets

3. Baby Finger Toothbrushes

Finger toothbrushes are great for promoting early dental hygiene and soothing sore teething gums, they also make a handy hygienic teething gel applicator. With soft massaging bristles that are gentle to the gums they help reduce itching during teething, massages the gums assisting teeth to break through, and takes care of the oral cavity cleaning. Many of the options available on the market are non-toxic, BPA free, and non-porous, keeping you and your baby safe while providing a gentle clean.

4. Mesh Food Feeders

Love them or hate them, the mesh food feeders are still a useful product to have for babies transitioning to solids. Not only does it allow babies to explore new food tastes, textures and colours in a fun and safe way, it also allows them to develop the requisite oral motor skills for safe feeding in a positive way. It’s also great for a baby who has not yet started solids. Simply fill with ice, frozen breastmilk or formula, and for older bubs place some frozen fruit blends in them for perfect mesh feeder filler.

• Offers Baby-Safe Chewing Practice
• Helps Baby Transition to Solids
• Encourages Self-Feeding
• Soothes Sore Teething Gums
• Keeps Babies and Toddlers Busy

5. Portable Hook-Oh Highchair

A good quality portable highchair provides a more convenient option for families than the traditional standing highchair. They allow for adaptable dining and feeding almost anywhere you go and are great those with limited space at home. Dining out is made more hygienic with no more wiping down those dirty restaurant highchairs!

Do check that that your brand of preference does meet current safety regulations which means including a three-point harness. The clamps should also be secured to a sturdy table which is not made of glass or other breakable materials.

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